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SOS Logistics

SOS Logistics offers a vast array of transportation and delivery services with the same goal in mind: speedy, safe, and careful delivery to help our clients save on costs, as well as help them avoid the stresses of dealing with an in-house transportation service, whose best interest do not suit your needs. SOS Logistics rush services and same day services are proudly offered, giving you access to transport envelopes, products, packages and more quickly. Generally offering services to many East Coast locations and other U.S. locations!

Services Include:

  • Courier Service
  • Scheduled Service
  • Same Day Service
  • Distribution Service
  • Facilities Management
  • Line Haul
  • Rush Service

We also offer NFO Services, or Next Flight Out Services from all major airports, allowing your delivery to arrive either same-day or next day by flight. Another benefit of our NFO service is relieving you from the stress and hassle of dealing with the airline service, as well as direct connection, allowing for speedier transport. We also offer our clients excellent Outsourcing Services, providing facility management and mail room personnel to your company, at an affordable cost. We can provide this to you when your needs are immediate.Our enhanced shipping, delivery and transport methods are key to each of our professional and experienced driver’s success. We are proud to offer daily scheduled routes, or ongoing routes and route establishment to meet your company’s Delivery Service needs! We specialize in same day schedule routes, providing Transport and Delivery Services to a huge array of companies from whole sale automotive companies, various suppliers, financial institutions, pharmaceutics, medical labs, home furnishing companies, food and beverage distributors and many more! We can deliver and transport for you daily, or as often as you need for your companies livelihood!! SOS brings quality, affordable and speedy transport and other services to a reality for you that can flex to meet your delivery or transport needs!Quality, professional and FAST same day transport services at affordable pricing is hard to come by, but SOS can bring that to you, as well as other useful services catering to all of your delivery and transport needs! Daily routes, NFO transport, time sensitive envelopes, packages, products and name it, we’ll transport or deliver it fast!