Established in 1996, SOS Logistics offers it’s customers and business clients speedy packages, envelopes and other goods, as well as helping companies establish speedy routes throughout the East Coast. As we have an excellent reputation as a trustworthy logistics company, allowing for companies to solve their needs cost, such as establishing quicker routes, that are more cost effective from a fuel standpoint, as well as more time effective, involving as little backtracking as possible.

A really terrific and unique aspect of our team of services, is that you as a customer or client, have 24/7 access to management to help you establish, handle and manage your delivery needs, or questions and concerns. Another fantastic factor is of course that we are completely insured and can offer insurance for your delivery as well, whether it’s a costly package, envelope, or time sensitive delivery. We understand that your livelihood, and business reputation is on the line when you are delivering goods and products, and for the fastest and most secure ground delivery, SOS Logistics does the job quickly, safely, and efficiently to ensure your package, envelope of other items are delivered right!

With many other aspects of our business, one that makes us extremely proud to offer is Same Day Deliveries. It’s what we are all about, Speedy Delivery! Ensuring your delivery can make it to it’s destination same day is important and absolutely possible with the professional, trained and experienced team here at SOS Logistics. Throughout the East Coast we can make your delivery wishes come to life with our speedy services. We also provide long haul deliveries by ground that have a little bit less of a time priority. We can effectively deliver any package, envelope or product safely, in a timely manner, while being cost friendly.

Contact SOS Logistics today to find how we can be of help to you with all of your courier and delivery needs!