SOS Logistics offers safe and speedy delivery and transportation services for it’s customers in an around the east coast. Whether we are delivering a time sensitive package, regularly transporting goods, or even helping your company establish their delivery needs. Some of the cost effective and speedy services we offer to clients and businesses are as follows:

✓ Distributions Service

SOS Logistics specializes in distribution and line haul services, all throughout the East Coast, ensuring your packages, or products are safely delivered. We promise the speedy and efficient delivery of your package, envelope, or goods!

✓ Schedule Service

We also offer services to help you and your company establish a good schedule for delivery, as SOS Logistics offers surrounding East Coast businesses and residents speedy same day delivery routes, offering services and transportation for wholesalers, automotive companies, pharmaceutical, labs, suppliers, food & beverage distributors and a wide variety of other industries.

✓ Courier Service

We have the resources and the ability to deliver your envelope, package, or entire truck shipment same day, in areas including the east coast, as well as other surrounding areas. Rush service is our specialty, and we know how to get the job done quickly, and get the job done right!!

✓ Facilities Management

SOS Logistics also offers our clients outsourced services that may include warehouse management, and mail room personnel! This helps you eliminate costly and time consuming operations. Based in New York, SOS Courier Express offers outstanding outsourcing opportunities including facility management. You can rest assured knowing that your company will benefit from the increase in productivity and profitability!

✓ NFO or Next Flight Out

We provide to you the services from all major airlines and airports. This air shipping method is typically going to be the fastest method you can use to transport packages, products, envelopes and more. We can have the package or delivery shipped NFO, allowing for your delivery to arrive at it’s destination same day, or depending on how far you are shipping a day or two. SOS checks to see the best and fastest flight option for you to send your delivery, and of course once the flight lands, a courier will pick up the package or envelope, and distribute it properly, making for a safe delivery.