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5 Industries That Absolutely Need One Day Delivery

January 2, 2018 Courier

The shift towards online shopping from mega-retailers has had a major impact on how we ship and receive packages around the world. It has spurred an increased demand for fast reliable shipping. In fact, 6 out of every 10 online shoppers report that they will pay extra to get a package delivered same-day. This is true even when it involves a hefty premium. Online shoppers aren’t the only ones demanding fast shipping. Keep reading to learn about 5 industries that absolutely need one day delivery to serve their customers and remain competitive.

1. Medical Testing Labs

Medical testing labs are one of the top industries that need one day delivery. They regularly deal with samples that need to be kept in carefully controlled environments. Shipping that takes days or weeks requires constant control of the environment, which can get expensive. In addition, it puts samples at risk if something goes wrong in the process.

Medical testing labs often also need to get results back fast to help doctors start patient treatments. For every day that a sample is delayed in getting to the testing lab, that patient has to wait another day for a diagnosis and another day to start treatment.

For some patients, this could be the difference between life and death. Without this fast, effective one day delivery option, these companies would be left dependent on normal mail service. This means more delays, lost parcels, or unclear delivery dates. When the health of patients depends on fast delivery, it simply can’t be left to chance with normal mail service.

2. ECommerce

The term eCommerce might actually encompass a wide range of industries, but it’s on this list because all of them can benefit from one day shipping.

With Amazon holding onto more than 40 percent of the entire American online retail market, and other distributors, like Walmart, quickly gaining speed, small eCommerce platforms need to implement certain strategies in order to compete. One of those strategies is fast shipping.

If a customer can find the same product that you’re offering at the same price with faster shipping from Amazon or elsewhere, they’re unlikely to buy from you. Some customers are even willing to pay more for an item if they can get it faster from a different retailer.

That’s why all eCommerce companies need to have a system in place for offering fast shipping. You could implement this only during busy times of the year, or use it year-round to help your company stand out from the crowd. Another reason why one day shipping is essential for small and large eCommerce platforms is the chance to offer stellar customer service.

Returns, whether of broken products or of those that customers simply aren’t satisfied with, have come to be expected. The last thing customers want when they are forced to make a return or exchange is to wait forever to get a replacement or refund. Fast, one day shipping solves this problem. It allows you to get your product back faster so that you can send out a new one or issue a refund faster.

3. Pharmaceutical Suppliers

Just as medical testing facilities need to ship and process samples fast in order to get patients the treatment they need, pharmaceutical supplies need to be able to order and ship medications as quickly as possible.

When a patient provides a prescription for a drug that isn’t in stock at that supplier, they need to be able to get it in fast. Otherwise, they’ll be at risk of losing that patient to another supplier. Or if there isn’t another supplier nearby who carries the medication, that patient’s health and well-being could be at risk. One day delivery services solve that problem. Those companies in the pharmaceutical supplier industry can use it to provide their patients with faster service.

4. Manufacturing

Companies in the manufacturing industry, regardless of the types of products they produce, need fast shipping as well. While they may not be personally shipping items to clients or need fast shipping to their retailers, they do need quick shipping for other reasons. Those reasons include getting parts or machinery in fast when something breaks.

If a piece of equipment goes down, especially in a manufacturing plant that produces high volumes around the clock, the lost work time can be devastating. The faster that a replacement machine or part can be shipped in, the faster that piece of equipment can be repaired. Which means that the machine and company can get back to work. Unset delivery times from traditional shipping outlets aren’t fast or reliable enough to get the job done.

5. Law Offices

To an outsider, it may seem odd that law offices would need to have any sort of shipping process in place. But in reality, they often have just as much incoming and outgoing parcels as many of the other industries on this list. But rather than bulky packages, they have paper packets.

These paper packets are full of contracts and agreements, court orders, and more. They often need to be shipped, read, and signed by several parties. They also often have quick deadlines that have to be reached. If they get lost in the mail or delivered from one person to the next too slowly, the law office and its clients could face fines or other legal trouble. Fast, reliable one day delivery service gives these offices a way to ensure that everything gets where it needs to go, without the stress of traditional mail service.

Start Utilizing One Day Delivery Service Today

Whether your company operates within one of these 5 industries, or in any other, one day shipping can be a huge asset, both for your business and for your customers. If you’re ready to make the switch, you need to start by choosing the right courier service.

Not only do you need fast, reliable service that you can trust, but you also need a service that won’t end up eating up too much of your company’s profits. If you’re ready to see the difference that our professional courier service could make for your company, get your free quote today!

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