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5 Reasons to Ship Small Deliveries with a Courier Service

May 15, 2019 Courier

It’s time you got the mailing service you always wanted. 

The local courier service industry has leveled up to over 100 billion in the last few years, partially due to one simple fact: 

standard mail is starting to slow everyone down. 

If you’re someone who takes pride in your city and doesn’t want to wait days, even weeks for your small deliveries to arrive, it might be time you choose a great courier service. 

But, why choose a courier service to deliver your sensitive mail? 

If you’re interested in learning how a local mailing service that you trust can make your life easier, read on to find out more. 

5. Local Couriers Make Small Deliveries Faster

Couriers are less likely to be slowed down by the amount of mail they’re carrying because of their small, localized customer base. 

Local couriers can make small item shipping faster because their focus can be on a single package with one particular destination in mind. 

How does this compare with traditional mailing services?

Many Amazon customers experience delays due to huge service loads. 

The same thing applies to UPS. A UPS truck often has a vehicle full of other packages, each marked with a different address in a different location.

If you want a package in 36 hours, you will likely experience delays because of the sheer amount of mail one UPS truck has to deal with in a given day, and how far they need to travel to deliver. 

This is one thing that makes a courier service special: a courier has your package on the forefront of its mind, meaning your mail is delivered to you without being confused with countless other orders. 

4. Your Mail Is Kept Safe 

Courier services usually work with a loyal customer base that knows them well.

When that’s the case, delivery workers tend to treat products more carefully, and each product gets independent attention. 

Compare this to most delivery services, like FedEx, where fragile items are broken because they are mixed in with huge delivery loads, for customers that are strangers to the deliverers.  

It’s been found that in some cases, packages that are specially labeled “fragile” are more likely to be broken when in the hands of standard mailing services.  

This is less likely with a courier service, for many reasons, one is that a typical delivery load is small and specific to a local area. 

Another reason, you can look at the reputation of a courier service in your area. You can’t do this with national service and get as good of feedback. 

By choosing local small package delivery services near you, you can learn the reputation of each service member on a first name basis, then decide for yourself. 

3. You Get More Options 

When you choose a local courier service, you get the option to have your small package delivered to you by plane, by truck, or by an individual person.

These are just a few additional options when you choose a local courier. Let’s explore each of them: 

Truck and Fridgerated Services 

Let’s say that you need a cake delivered to your doorstep. There are almost no options out there for this on a national level. 

Part of the reason is that most national services require that you wait an extended period of time, making it expensive to store frozen and cooled materials for long. 

If you go with a local courier, you can have a frozen item delivered to you on a specific date, and won’t have to worry about soggy cake. 

Plane and Air Freight 

A local courier service can take your package and deliver it across the sea, state, or town. 

You can use a slider with your service, choosing a specific time and date, that you want to deliver a package to another location. Starting from the comfort of your own home. 

Some of the offers available with air freight are: 

  • Rushed delivery 
  • Line hauling 
  • Customs clearance 
  • Warehousing 

Compare this to traditional mailing services, adding on parameters for your small package delivery become expensive, while a local courier can offer you a quote for a lower cost. 

2. Customer Service 

In most cases, if there’s a problem with your small delivery order, you have to call a customer helpline and be put on a call wait list with thousands of others. 

When you choose a local shipping service, you’re more likely to be put through, as there aren’t as many people waiting on the phone with the same problems. 

1. Holidays Are Not A Problem 

Most nation-wide services like UPS do not deliver your packages on Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

One of the rare but great things about local couriers is that they do. They also can rush your deliveries on holidays. 

This gets to another point: courier services can deliver throughout the calendar year, at any time of day. 

Make Your Delivery Special 

When it comes to getting your small deliveries sent to you on time, it’s important that you find a service that you know personally, and gets the job done. 

Local courier services like SOS Logistics do this by giving you options for quick delivery, land or sea, and storage. 

But, those options are just the beginning.  

You can have your items sent to you on any holiday, through any time zone, at any time of day. 

It’s time you chose a service you could trust.