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5 Reasons Your Practice Needs a Medical Courier Service ASAP

April 2, 2019 Courier

Given that nearly 70% of all Americans take some kind of prescription drug, there need to be enough people out there delivering those drugs. Even if you just need to have records taken across town or down to another office for some digital record transferring, the right courier is vital. When seeking a medical courier service, you need one who knows the industry and its expectations before they start taking your important and confidential packages.

Here are five reasons you need to have a medical courier service with some experience in the industry.

1. You Need Someone Who Knows the Industry

At the end of the day, you need to have someone on your side who knows the healthcare industry. Those last-mile partners need to be knowledgeable about how healthcare works and what is expected of everyone in medicine.

Drivers need to know about the handling of a wide variety of volatile and sensitive items. If they don’t know the standards of traveling with surgical supplies, specimen samples, or prescription drugs, they could put people at risk

Even just dealing with medical records and paperwork requires sensitivity and experience. Those sensitive medical devices and the equipment that people rely on for their safety and comfort need to be handled with care. So many people take infusions and medications at home, and if they’re tampered with or disturbed, it could lead to problems down the road.

One of the most common mistakes that inexperienced messengers commit is not to control the temperature of what they’re transporting. In some cases, this can be fatal.

2. Customer Service Matters

Couriers need to know the importance of customer service when dealing with people in the world of medicine. Care is important, promptness matters, and politeness can go a long way. One way to maintain good customer service is solid and transparent communication between couriers and the people receiving packages.

So many things in the healthcare industry are time sensitive that a courier who doesn’t know how to communicate about schedule can be truly damaging. When people don’t know when to expect their supplies, medication, or records from one place to another, it can drive them to serious levels of anxiety.

The aim of everyone working in and around the healthcare industry should be to lend comfort to those who need it. When we’re not offering that to people when they need it, we fail to offer the most important element of care.

You and your customers need real-time tracking and visibility when it comes to getting status updates. There should be digital tools available to find out when an item should arrive and what stands in the way. With regular updates or text alerts, everyone can be on top of what’s arriving and when.

3. Vehicle Conditions Are Important

When a doctor or a pharmacist packs up medication, it’s vital that it arrives in the condition that they intended it to. If the vehicle that is used to transport isn’t climate controlled or the medication isn’t handled carefully, then it could result in illness or even fatal conditions. The vehicles that transport medication should be clearly branded for the sake of your customers and their own peace of mind.

Drivers and couriers need to have insulated bags at all times. This ensures that the medication being transported is protected and temperature controlled. Medication should be handled with care, and fragile containers should be transported in something that protects their integrity.

Any temperature changes while the medication is in transit need to be accounted for. On the hottest summer day, anything that needs to be refrigerated should have the chance to maintain its temperature while it’s in transit. Otherwise, people could end up in the hospital.

4. Drivers Must Be Screened

No matter what courier company you’re working with, the people who are handling medication requires screening. They need to be professional, wearing uniforms, and driving clearly marked vehicles. Nothing on the vehicle should have the opportunity to be tampered with for the safety and security of your clients.

When they handle medical deliveries, you need to know that you’re getting things from the right hands. They should clearly identify themselves and be holding items that are clearly marked and from the place you expect them to be.

Drivers also require screening for previous crimes related to tampering with items at work. If they decide to swap out some medication, get two orders mixed up, or swipe one or two doses, the result could be fatal. Rather than taking chances, management needs background checks before hiring.

5. You Need HIPAA Compliance

Every single driver who you employ needs to be HIPAA compliant. They should get information on the regulatory standards and take some amount of training relative to what’s expected. If they’re unaware, it’s up to the management to take responsibility for their negligence.

HIPAA requires everyone to protect the privacy of clients in the world of healthcare. No one’s personal information should be leaked out even if the courier has access to it. If they don’t show respect, identify clients, or leak and details about them, they should lose their ability to transport sensitive materials like this in the future.

A Medical Courier Service Needs Standards

When you’re working with any medical courier service, their standards and practices should be clear from day one. If it’s not clear how they train their staff and that privacy is important to them, then you need to find a company who makes that clear.

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