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8 Essential Qualities of the Best Medical Courier Services

June 17, 2019 Courier

With Amazon and Uber on the scene, people have gotten used to on-demand delivery service. And they just love the convenience of it. The restaurant business is one industry where on-demand delivery has taken off. It’s gotten so popular that delivery/digital sales in the coming five years are expected to hit 25 percent, or $200 billion, of an $800 billion industry. 

Medical courier services are another area where consumers enjoy on-demand convenience. This is why medical and lab couriers are popping up to meet the demand. Because of this, medical courier services are stepping up to the plate with high-quality service.

So how do people know what to look for in a courier and pick the best?

Top lab courier companies share similar qualities when it comes to excellence.

Keep reading to learn eight essentials to look for in a courier whether you’re a medical professional or patient. Then go ahead and try it out. It’s convenient and efficient and can be a huge money and time saver.

1. Experience in the Field

Medical couriers deliver products and materials that often require special care and treatment beyond what other couriers require. Examples include special handling and storage for specimens and blood draws.

Take blood. It may contain viruses that could pose health risks if spilled. This could endanger the driver and anyone who comes in contact with it.

If a specimen spills, it could be costly for the patient to redo the procedure. Top couriers have OSHA-approved spill kits and containers to keep deliveries secure.

Medical couriers must keep some deliveries at a controlled temperature, including samples and medication. You wouldn’t want to compromise these because you didn’t get a courier experienced in medical delivery. A medical courier should have transport containers for freezing and refrigeration as well as a general controlled temperature around 75-degrees Fahrenheit.

They should be experienced and prepared to transport all types of medical deliveries, including prescription meds, medical supplies, and equipment. They also deliver X-rays, blood draws, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, walkers, and other home health-care needs. Supplies for surgery, medical office supplies, and records are on the list too. 

2. Knows and Adheres to Medical Transport Requirements

A courier service with medical experience knows the ins and outs of medical transport and any state laws or requirements. Some states require special certification for medical transportation.

For example, in California, you need a “3PL” certificate to transport pharmaceuticals. 

3. Well-Trained Drivers

Top medical courier companies are experienced in medical transport and have all the necessary equipment. They also train their lab courier drivers well.

Drivers know how to handle medical deliveries and keep them safe and secure. They’re aware of health risks and how to minimize these for themselves and anyone who comes in contact with the deliveries. 

These professionals are trained in the efficiency of transport and logistics, as well as courtesy and customer service.

4. Efficient Tracking System

You’ll know a top lab logistics courier when you see a real-time tracking system. Access should be easy online and let you track collections and deliveries in real time. Medical professionals can keep up with logistics thanks to barcode scans of each pick-up, lab delivery, or patient delivery. 

5. Efficient Communication

Communication goes hand in hand with tracking. A top-notch medical courier communicates to the lab, for example. This keeps them operating at top efficiency; they can staff properly and keep everyone happy. 

6. Professional Appearance and Courtesy

The best service companies put their best foot forward with a professional appearance on drivers as well as vehicles. They have a clear brand that can be seen on uniforms, websites, transport vehicles, and all branded materials. Even the photo ID badge should look nice and professional; the ID badge is usually required by your lab courier driver upon entering the lab.

Also, it’s a given that top medical courier drivers communicate clearly, professionally, and with courtesy. 

7. Great Customer Service

The best medical courier services have a friendly and helpful customer service team ready to help you round the clock. They help you get started and make sure you get the right services for your needs. They have a phone number so you can talk to someone in person.

8 Excellent Recommendations and Initial Interview

Here’s a little trick we love to use when looking for any service: ask people what they think about courier services.

If you’re a medical professional, ask the lab about couriers they like to work with. Ask medical office managers to recommend a lab courier driver; ask what they think about the courier you want to go with. Even one good thumbs-up from someone you trust is a great sign. 

If you’re a patient looking to have your meds delivered, look for reviews and testimonials on the courier website. Go on Yelp and read the reviews. Along the lines of recommendations, another trick is to call the service and ask for a consultation/interview. Ask questions to make sure the company and team are experienced in medical transport. Ask how they can get your products delivered efficiently and on time.

Get a sense of the company culture to make sure they’re professional and that you want to work with them. Your initial read should give you a good idea if you want to try a courier out. Ensure that they meet all the essentials listed here. 

Medical Courier Services Make Your Life Easy

Are you a medical professional delivering supplies or meds to patients? Are you picking up and delivering specimens and samples? Are you a patient hiring your own courier to make your life easy?

Then, medical courier services give you the convenience and professionalism you’re looking for. 

Follow this list of essential qualities to find a courier you like and give it go. Contact us to get started with a quote. Ask any questions you may have, and let us make your life so much easier.