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There are around 20 million e-commerce businesses around the world. 

More e-commerce sites are opening and thriving because more people are shopping online. It’s a convenient way to shop without leaving your home, especially when you have an effective business model of e-commerce website. 

If you’re considering starting an e-commerce business, you will need to know a few things. You will need to know the best e-commerce business models to implement. 

Here are some of the best models to follow for your e-commerce business that can give you the most success. 

Business to Consumer Model

This model focuses on directly selling your e-commerce product to your consumer. You aren’t selling as a wholesaler. You are selling to customers. 

If you open an e-commerce store, you will need to figure out what you’re selling to consumers. It can be clothes, food, or something else you sell online. 

Business to Business Model

Another model to consider if you open an e-commerce business is a business to business. 

That is when you sell your services or products to another business. If you have a clothing line, you could sell them at a price to another e-commerce store that, in turn, sells them to their customers. 

Some of the opportunities in the B2B industry is providing software to e-commerce businesses or wholesale opportunities. 

Consumer to Consumer Model

If you want to sell products yourself as a consumer, it’s called consumer to consumer. That is when you see sites like Amazon or Craigslist allow consumers to sell their products. 

As a result, these 3rd-party businesses will make a percentage of the revenue you accrue. In addition, if you are a small e-commerce business just starting out, this is a great way to do business. 

You can use other platforms to expose your business and sell your products. 

Your Target Market

While these models can help you figure out what kind of business you want to create, it won’t matter if you don’t know who your target market is. 

You need to know who your business is serving to figure out what model will serve you best. That means figuring out who your product can benefit the most. You want to know who is going to benefit from your product. 

That’s when you figure out if you’re serving businesses or consumers. If you are serving business, you need to know how your product is helping them improve their business, how it’s making it more seamless for their customers. 

If your target market is consumers, you need to know how they shop online and how you can help them. You need to know their behavior, their demographics, and their problems. 

You should also know where they hang out, especially when it comes to social media platforms. The more you know about your target market, the more you know how to help them. You can create a business specifically designed for your target market. 

Offer a Subscription Model

Having a subscription model can involve business to business, business to consumer, or consumer to consumer. 

When you offer a subscription service, you can retain a customer every month. 

But if you do offer a subscription model, you need to keep it personal. You need to show your customers how your business is helping them. Show your customers what you’re sending them and if there will be any unique surprise in the subscription box. 

Another strategy to consider with the subscription model is showing your customers videos. You can showcase how you made your product and send them a video thanking them for the purchase.

Another thing to add to the subscription model is surprises. You can send your customers who purchase something an additional surprise. People love getting surprises that they didn’t expect. 

With a subscription model, you can also offer a rewards program. The more people purchase from your business, the more rewards they earn for a free item. It’s a great incentive that gets people to buy. 

The Final Keys With E-commerce Business Models

One of the final things you should remember when starting an e-commerce business is to be authentic. You want to show people what you can offer them and how you can help them solve a problem. 

You should also be transparent with your customers. You want to be honest with what you’re offering and how it can benefit them. You want to earn someone’s trust, not lie to them about what you have to offer. 

Finally, you should always focus on building relationships with customers. Don’t shortcut a relationship or automate it. 

Since e-commerce businesses operate online, it’s more important to build a relationship. You will have to communicate better via email and try to anticipate the consumer’s needs. That’s why building a relationship with a customer is essential to any e-commerce business model. 

If you want to see how we help e-commerce business, check out our services here.

Now You Know What to Do 

It can be hard to figure out what kind of e-commerce business you want to start. You may not know who your target market. That’s why this guide can help. 

The goal is to know as much about your target market as possible before starting an e-commerce business. You want to know who you can help with your services before starting a business. When you do finally start an e-commerce business, you should consider some of the best e-commerce business models. 

If you want help with your e-commerce business, you can contact us here.


Same-day delivery is a growing industry and more and more retailers are realizing that they need to deliver ASAP. We’re familiar with some of the things that you can get delivered: Amazon parcels are a prime example. Yet what you might not know is that there are a whole host of other things that you can get same-day delivery on.

The world of couriers and delivery is constantly changing and we know it can be confusing. We’re experts in package delivery and have already shown you online stores that offer fast shipping. Today, we’re going to take a look at some surprising items that you can get same-day delivery on.

Ready to find out more? Read on!

1. Groceries

We’ve all been there. You’ve been out to the store, come back and start unpacking your groceries and oh no! You’ve forgotten the milk!

Well never fear, concerned customer! There are multiple different companies out there that offer same-day delivery on groceries. When you need them to deliver ASAP, look to one of these companies:

  1. Costco, who deliver same-day in most major metropolitan areas
  2. Google Express, which lets you shop at Walgreens, Walmart, and Target
  3. Whole Foods in selected cities
  4. Walmart, which offers same-day delivery to 40 percent of American households.

2. Flowers

Are you preparing a romantic gesture for your loved one? If you’ve forgotten to arrange flower delivery and you need to get some flowers to your partner ASAP, then you’re in luck, as multiple florists now offer same-day delivery.

You can assemble a custom bouquet or choose a ready-made one. As long as you’ve ordered in time, you’ll be able to get those flowers to your partner in no time at all and make her day go with a bang. Perfect for those would-be fiances with poor timing (don’t worry guys, we’ve all been there).

3. Makeup and Hair Products

Getting ready for a night out and realized that you don’t have all the crucial parts of your look? Then you can hop on a number of beauty websites and get your products delivered.

You could even go one step further and get beauticians delivered to your house! The Glam App is an app that serves several cities across the US and can get beauticians, makeup artists, and hairstylists to your home that very same day. If you’re in need of a little TLC or want to make sure you look incredible tonight, this service could be what you need.

4. Important Documents

Getting critical documents to business partners and clients is a hugely important part of the business. In today’s fast-paced world, you can’t rely on the postal service and their slow delivery when a business could be at stake.

Happily, you can get important documents delivered same-day by couriers, such as ourselves. Depending on the courier, your documents may also be covered by insurance, which means that if anything goes wrong and you lose these valuable documents, you’ll be protected.

Same-day delivery is the best way to get those contracts, budgets, and other important business documents to their recipient in no time at all.

5. Wine

You bought the flowers for your loved one, did you get the wine for that romantic dinner? Maybe you want some wine to pair with that steak that you’re cooking for your colleagues? Whatever reason you need wine right now, there are multiple different companies in the US offering same-day wine delivery to major metropolitan areas.

If you’re lucky, your local liquor store may have partnered with a local courier company like ourselves, which means you can get your wine in a matter of hours! Whether you need a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot, there’s no reason to let a lack of wine spoil your plans!

6. Clothes

If you need new accessories to finish your look off or want a new pair of shoes delivered, you don’t need to wait a few days to get them! Online clothes shopping has come a long way in recent years and it’s getting even better.

Online clothing giant ASOS offers same-day delivery on the hottest fashion. To get it to you on time, ASOS will hand their products over to a local courier who can deliver asap and get you your new favorite part of your wardrobe.

7. Exotic Candy

Is your candy bar just not doing it for you anymore? Do you want something a bit more interesting, a bit more exotic? Then you should look to the far east and it’s delicious candies.

Whether you want to munch on Pocky or enjoy a green tea KitKat, there are services out there that offer Japanese candy with same-day delivery!

So how does it work? The company will import candy from Japan and store it in its warehouse. It will then hand the candy to a local courier who can get it to you within hours. Not bad at all, right?

8. Cakes

Is it a birthday or another special occasion? Do you just fancy a slice of cake? Hey, we’re not judging you.

A lot of local bakeries now offer same-day delivery on their baked goods, including cakes and pastries. They partner with local couriers to make sure that customers in their area can get their sugar rush that same day.

If you’re looking for something to tempt your sweet tooth or that of your friends, check if your local bakeries offer same-day delivery! You might be surprised.

How Companies Can Deliver ASAP

You might be wondering how companies can deliver these goods so quickly. What’s changed that means they can now deliver ASAP?

Well, same-day delivery is the result of smart logistics and the local courier revolution. If you need goods delivered in your local area, you should reach out to a local courier, not a huge multinational.

That’s where we come in: we’re a local courier with locations across the United States. If you need to deliver goods to your customers, we can help you. If you’ve got any questions for us, please get in touch by calling: (800) 507-7137!


What if providing same-day shipping to your customers could actually save you money?

Most small businesses see same-day shipping as a complex and expensive proposition. But the truth is that the right courier can actually put money right back into your pocket.

Wondering how speedy small business shipping can save you money? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Loyal Customers

The core of any successful business is the core of loyal customers. These are the customers who reliably come back to you time and time again.

However, loyalty can only last so long. Whatever you’re selling, chances are that your most loyal customers are constantly being tempted by the competition. How, then, can you make your own service stand out?

With same-day shipping, those loyal customers get exactly what they want and exactly when they want it. Simply put, they won’t have time to stray when their favorite business makes online ordering so easy!

Urgent Consumer Needs

Many people think of same-day shipping as a kind of luxury. For many consumers, however, it’s a matter of necessity.

When there is an emergency and a customer needs something right away, time becomes much more important than price. They are willing to buy local and get what they need rather than order from someone else and try to save a few bucks.

Of course, helping someone out in an emergency is another way of building customer loyalty. In their eyes, you are no longer just another store. You are the business that helped them out when no one else could.

The Power of Impulse Buying

It’s an open secret why retailers always put things like candy and magazines near the registers. These are “impulse buys” designed to take advantage of customer desire for instant gratification.

In recent years, we have seen the online version of impulse buying continue to evolve. Retailers like Amazon retain enough information that customers can arrange a major online purchase with just the press of a button.

With same-day shipping, your own business can get a piece of this very lucrative business. It really is that simple: make it easier for customers to buy and receive products and you’ll see your sales just keep rising.

Grow Your Customers

Earlier, we discussed the need to appeal to your loyal customers. But same-day shipping also represents a great way to grow your existing base of customers.

This is mostly due to word-of-mouth (both in-person and offline). As we noted before, many customers prioritize speed over savings. If you can reliably deliver a variety of goods to customers on the day they place an order, your reputation will start to grow.

And no matter how much our technology has evolved, there is no substitute for word-of-mouth advertising when it comes to selling your products and services.

Trusted By Locals

Many businesses have tried a bit too hard to build a global brand. However, for a small business, one of the best ways to gain customers is to appeal to your local area’s consumers.

Think of it this way: everybody’s competition is Amazon. But this corporate giant usually cannot offer anything faster than one-day shipping for most items.

In other words, you can establish your business as the only way customers can get what they need on the same day they order it. Partner that level of service with local marketing and your business may quickly become a mainstay within your community.

Smartphones: Your New Best Friend

Same-day shipping was practically made for online ordering. With a simple click or two, customers can have almost anything sent directly to their door. Making this easy and intuitive (and fast) for customers is now more important than ever.

Why? We have now officially reached the point where more people browse the internet with smartphones or tablets than desktop computers. Same-day delivery helps motivate those impulse buys for a demographic that is constantly using their smartphones.

And you can advertise your fast shipping and diverse products via social media as well. This offers an immense ROI and another way of appealing to a very phone-driven set of customers.

New Product Offerings

Most businesses see same-day shipping as a way of getting their usual products out in a speedier manner. But what if it could be more than that?

For instance, customers are likely to order different kinds of products remotely if they know they will receive it very quickly. This is why services like UberEats have become so popular, especially among Millennials.

It may take a bit of creative thinking on the part of your product development team. But simply having same-day shipping as an option opens the door to selling an all-new selection of products.

Willing to Pay

So far, we have focused on ways that same-day shipping can increase your customers, build loyalty, and diversify your products. But one question remains the elephant in the room: “what about the high cost?”

It’s true that same-day shipping costs more than slower forms of shipping. So, how can same-day shipping remain profitable? Because customers are willing to bear the brunt of the cost.

Research has found that 88% of consumers are willing to pay for same-day shipping. To them, the time they save versus waiting a few days is well worth the extra cost.

Therefore, same-day shipping lets you have your cake and eat it, too. Customers will cover the additional shipping costs while you reap all the benefits of an expanding business!

Marketing Tool

It probably goes without saying, but just in case: same-day shipping is a powerful marketing tool.

You can make this service prominent in all aspects of your marketing. And the marketing is quite elegant: it argues your value proposition while also showcasing how you stand out from the competition.

In other words, adding same-day shipping is very profitable, both in the short-term and the longterm. 

Small Business Shipping: You’re On Your Way

Now you know how small business shipping can boost your business. But do you know who can bring this option to life for you?

At Need It Now!, we specialize in professional and speedy courier service. To see how to get started, come fill out this shipping form today!


The pharmaceuticals market was worth $934.8 billion in 2017. Experts estimate it to grow to more than $1,170 by 2021.

Customer demand is constantly on the rise. This means there are a lot of pharmaceuticals needing transportation.

The process of pharmaceuticals transportation is a lot more difficult than you think. Continue reading to find out seven things you didn’t know about transporting pharmaceuticals.

What is Pharmaceuticals Transportation?

Pharmaceuticals transportation refers to the shipping of medications and other health-related substances. These materials must be shipped at several intervals before they reach the consumer.

Pharmaceuticals might be shipped from the manufacturer to the distributor. They can be shipped to the customer from either the manufacturer or distributor. Hospitals and doctors also make use of pharmaceuticals transportation.

Companies that work at transporting these materials need to know a lot. It isn’t easy, like mailing a letter. Below we look at seven things most people don’t know about transporting pharmaceuticals.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Transporting Pharmaceuticals

The process of transporting or shipping pharmaceuticals is not easy. Many people don’t realize it’s a highly complex process. Continue reading to find out just how complex it is.

1. You Must Maintain Appropriate Temperatures

Most pharmaceuticals are delicate and need very specific temperature ranges. If they fall out of these temperature ranges, they’re no longer stable. This means they either won’t work or could potentially harm the person who takes them.

To keep appropriate temperatures, pharmaceutical drivers need to maintain “cold chain logistics.” This basically means the materials can never leave their specific temperature ranges. They have to be kept cold.

To maintain proper stability, most (not all) pharmaceuticals need to remain between 55 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Some might even need to be kept colder. This is why pharmaceutical shipping requires refrigerated trucks.

2. The Proper Packaging is Vital

Using the proper packaging is as important as maintaining temperature. Many medications can’t be exposed to direct sunlight or they become unstable. Plus, the right packaging can add an extra layer of temperature protection.

Most pharmaceuticals are shipped in thermal containers. These help maintain temperatures. They’re also thick enough to prevent direct sunlight from affecting the medication.

Pharmaceutical shipping companies often use special thermal pallets. This adds yet another layer of protection. When it comes to pharmaceuticals transportation, you can never be too cautious.

3. Cargo Theft is a HUGE Risk in Pharmaceuticals Transportation

The majority of stolen pharmaceutical products are taken while on the road. Most thefts occur because people are looking to resell them on the street.

Usually, cargo theft occurs when the vehicle is left by itself. This might be in rest areas or when the driver has to stop for any other reason. This leads us to number four…

4. High-Risk Shipments Need Two Person Teams

Certain pharmaceutical items are at a higher risk of theft than others. A prime example is narcotics, which are addictive. They fetch a good price on the streets and are easy to get rid of.

There are other materials or medications which might be in high demand. Generally, the more addictive or expensive a product is, the higher the risk of theft.

For this reason, certain shipments need two-person teams. This allows one person to stay with the vehicle at all times, even during stopovers. Both team members need to remain on high-alert for theft.

5. Drivers Need To Be Knowledgeable On What They’re Shipping

Many pharmaceutical items will need shipping. Each of these items can have different shipping requirements.

The shipping requirements might align with FDA regulations for a specific substance. Some substances might even be considered HAZMAT.

By understanding the materials, drivers can ensure both their safety and that of the pharmaceuticals. Mistakes can happen when a shipment driver doesn’t understand the requirements of what they’re handling.

6. Time is Everything

Medications are time-sensitive. They have limited shelf lives and delicate chemical compositions. For this reason, the shipping process needs to be speedy.

The issue of time is one of the reasons pharmaceuticals are seldom shipped via regular post. They often use a special courier service that can transport items quickly from one place to the next.

7. Some Drivers Need HAZMAT Certifications

The term “pharmaceuticals” can refer to a wide range of different substances. Some of these are classified as HAZMAT. The people transporting these substances need to get special certifications.


HAZMAT refers to materials that pose a danger to public health and safety. If the containers were to shatter, it could release deadly liquids or toxins into the environment. HAZMAT training ensures drivers understand how to handle these situations.

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong in Shipping?

If something goes wrong during shipping, the most obvious issue is the medications may no longer work. In the case of certain substances, it might also cause a safety hazard.

But what if a shipment is stolen or irrevocably damaged? There are major consequences.

The patients who are depending on their medications might not receive them. Pharmacies, hospitals, and doctor offices only have so much on hand. Some people can’t live without their medications.

Another issue is that pharmaceutical companies can lose a lot of income. This can negatively affect the entire business, even if only in the short term.

Find A Shipping Partner Today

Working with delicate, time-sensitive materials like pharmaceuticals? You need a shipping company you can trust. Not just any company will do. It has to be a company with ample experience in pharmaceuticals transportation.

Do you want to find out more about pharmaceuticals transportation? Looking for a courier service to transport your delicate materials?

Contact us today. One of our trained associates will be more than happy to assist you.


From labs to medical centers, logistics is a crucial part of the business. Speed and efficiency are key in the medical world, especially when delivery can be life or death.

Healthcare is a growing industry; the fast and safe transfer of medical equipment and lab samples can make an impact.

If you’re trying to increase the efficiency of your medical facilities, the best way is through a medical courier. With same-day medical couriers, you can do more with less.

How can these third-party logistics (3PL) providers improve your operations? Today, we’ll talk about how you can benefit from hiring medical couriers.

1. Less Financial Investment for Your Business

On its own, a medical office or medical supplier business is not efficient if it uses its own driver. Paying for your own driver is a waste of investment since you need to answer different logistical issues. 

Paying the potential hire a proper salary with insurance. Buying transportation and equipment. This will be a hefty investment that will cost you money.

This money is better spent improving your product or scaling your business volume up. This is why a medical courier service is the best pick for your business. They can handle all the details of your deliveries for you and your only concern is when it comes.

Because of same-day delivery, expect your customers to get medical materials ASAP. You’re not wasting financial resources on paying employee insurance. You’re not adding unnecessary stress to your service teams.

2. Adds Delivery Convenience

Same-day medical delivery services offer your business additional levels of convenience to the customer. For businesses, the last thing you want is having medical service lag behind.

With same-day delivery, you give clients a level of health options previously unavailable. If you’re a pharmacy, you can use medical couriers to deliver life-saving medication. If you’re a medical supply service, your customers can take advantage of what you can offer in saving them.

Same-day service gives people more incentive to pick your business over others. With a promise of quick delivery, you can get better, faster results every time.

3. Lower Chances of Damage

When sending a crucial package like pharmaceuticals, the issue is fragility. Many materials in labs or medical systems break easily. Test tubes and even culture samples for medical processes need experienced people with their own deliveries.

Hiring a medical courier service can offer you professional handling capabilities. Professionals can handle fragile objects with ease, as they’ll have the right facilities to do so. 

Having a package spend less time in transit equates to lower chances of damage. For same-day deliveries, the items will go into pickup and delivery by the same person. It won’t pass through different storage areas like other long-term solutions.

Lower chances of damage mean more profit for your business.

4. Less Change of Hands

One of the pitfalls of medical delivery and courier services for some is the changing of hands. Sometimes, the company that picks up the delivery will not be the same one that delivers it. This is a common way in the 3PL provider business to save costs.

Every time this happens, the product will undergo scanning and checking in at a warehouse. This eats up your customer lead time and can even produce delays in some areas. This never happens to same-day medical couriers.

As we said, same-day medical delivery services will have the same person do pickup and delivery. There’s no need to do transfers, input it into new tracking, and there’s also no new inventory intake. This results in better lead time with potential buyers and customers.

5. Specialized Expertise

Many courier services are expanding faster and faster these days, both in delivery volume and size. Many will have their training focus only on speed or on general details of parcel delivery. This can result in bad handling of medical materials or samples that can compromise data. 

This is not the case with a dedicated medical delivery service. With medical couriers, they have the right understanding of proper medical package handling. The products are not only in safe hands, but they’ll reach the destination in superior condition.

It’s always necessary to make sure the package comes in a state of usability. The last thing anyone wants is equipment or materials that are intact but unusable. From pharmaceutical products to even sterilized medical supplies, these will have superior care.

Not all parcels are of equal importance. Some will need special treatment to reach their destinations safe and sound. There’s nobody more qualified to do that than medical couriers.

6. Better Customer Satisfaction

For deliveries, customers want two things. They want to get their parcels as fast as possible and they want to get it in the best condition. For medical customers, getting medical materials and supplies as early as possible is vital.

Instead of getting their medical supplies another day, receiving them early gives them more time to plan distribution. It lets customers do tasks earlier to clear up more of their schedule. Same-day delivery can give medical facilities a good way to prepare for their week.

All this results in superior customer satisfaction. People who can get their products not only on time but also earlier can have more options to do with their material.

Get a Medical Courier Service Today

If you’re considering if you need a medical courier, there are many benefits to the service. The speed and care of a specialized courier service can ensure your products arrive safely and soundly.

Looking for a courier service that works? Need a team of experts that can answer your logistics needs? Then you need ASAP Courier.

ASAP Courier provides different logistical solutions for every need. From same-day medical deliveries to warehouse outsourcing, we can do it for you.

Talk to SOS Logistics today. Get the best courier services and gain more profit and production.


While modern tracking and delivery systems are able to keep on top of packages and keep them from getting stolen, theft still happens. The best way to ensure that a package gets where you need it to go is to use a courier service. If you’re thinking of very few examples of courier services you might need, it’s possible you’re in need of a refresher on what couriers do.

Here’s what you need to know about them.

Five Examples of Courier Services

There are a wide variety of services that couriers can offer and knowing which one you need can help you decide on your courier. Your best bet would be to find a courier that offers all five so that you have flexibility when you need it.

1. International Courier Services

Using a transport service that can take things from one country to another is vital. In a world where we’re virtually connected to everyone and where borders are digitally permeable, it’s important to be able to send things across them.

If you operate in the eCommerce space or offer online services and products, you need to send things to customers from time to time. The right courier service ensures that they use the right means of transport and the right methods to protect your package.

Efficiency is a challenge across borders, so find a company who knows how to get things done across them.

2. Same Day Express

Couriers who can deliver things on the same day that they’re sent can be lifesavers, literally. When urgent messages, forms, or packages need to get to someone that day, same day couriers step in.

Cities use these services a lot to expedite sales, transfers, and share information. Medical and legal offices need same day services a lot.

In some cases, a same-day delivery can keep someone in their home. In other cases, a same-day delivery ensures that patients at a medical care facility have the things they need to survive and get healthy.

3. Overnight Couriers

People who need things ASAP but don’t live within a day’s drive of the source use overnight couriers. This ensures that during night hours, the package is still on the move. This helps many businesses stay in operation and can open their doors in the morning without any snags.

Courier services in these cases work during hours when the rest of us are in bed or just about to wake up. During those hours, they transport goods to keep the rest of the world moving as soon as business starts for the day.

4. Pallet Courier Services

Goods on pallets need to move quickly through cities, across states, and across borders. Finding the right company to handle these types of deliveries is vital. Services that can handle the size and weight without gouging companies are hard to come by.

There are often strict delivery deadlines for palleted materials. They could be food items or vital supplies that need to be transported and stored carefully. The right company will know all of these details and be able to send the right vehicle out and get the pallet delivered efficiently.

5. Warehousing Services

When you’re in the need of transporting goods, having control of where things go, when they get sent, and how frequently they’re restocked is vital. Companies need control over their business and their goods. Their goods often keep their business running.

Warehousing allows companies to have storage solutions that are suited to their needs. They also allow for picking and packing services. Instead of having to pack orders on-site, packing can be done off-site at one of these facilities, freeing up space for you to expand your company.

Who Needs These Kinds of Services?

Considering the types of courier services available, it might seem like only a few types of businesses need those services. It turns out, the more than you think.

Universities and Colleges

During exam season, colleges and universities need to have their exams delivered and transported. On top of that, they need to work with a trusted service that can keep them safe until the day of the test.

That’s where courier services come in. Not only do they help by warehousing these items off-site, but they can also deliver on short notice or within tight timeframes to ensure that testing is unobstructed.

Startups and Small Businesses

In order for startups to stay competitive, they have to file their paperwork quickly. They need to send out contracts and demonstrate professionalism, no matter their budget.

Small businesses also need to work hard to compete with their larger counterparts. If there’s a problem with an order, they need to resolve it immediately. That allows them to stay in the race even when they make a mistake.

Law Firms and Hospitals

These two places constantly deal with confidential information and forms that are only for privileged eyes. At times, these can be matters that mean life or death to people. Often they have a short window to make these deliveries happen.

Standard postage is often too risky. Instead, both types of offices would rather pay extra for peace of mind.

Courier Services Can Provide Peace of Mind

After reading through these examples of courier services, it’s easy to imagine reasons that they could serve you on a daily basis. If you’re not using the right courier service for your business or office, it could put your whole company in jeopardy.

If you’re wondering what you should be asking your courier before hiring them, check out our guide.


During the early years of the Internet, a few companies tried to offer same day delivery. While it was a great idea, the companies were not successful. The reason for this was that the demand was deficient.  

Thanks to improved technology, same day shipping is in high demand. In fact, 65% of retailers offer same day delivery as of 2019. By offering same day shipping, 49% of shoppers are likely to buy from your online store.  

Want to know more about same day delivery logistics?  

Keep reading!  

What Is Same Day Delivery?  

This refers to a shipping model where a customer orders an item that qualifies for same day shipping at 9 AM and it arrives on the same day. Simply put, a professional courier ships the product to the customer’s doorstep in less than 24 hours. On holidays such as Thanksgiving, same day delivery is normally limited.  

How Does Same Day Delivery Work?  

When shopping, customers should look for products that qualify for same day shipping. Add the products to the shopping cart and check same day delivery on checkout. After receiving the order confirmation email, customers should wait for the products to arrive at the doorstep.  

Benefits of Same Day Delivery  

Over 19% of buyers have confirmed that same day shipping is important. Four percent of shoppers say that they cannot buy an item where same day shipping is not offered. What this tells you is that shoppers understand how beneficial same day shipping is.  

Want to know the benefits of same-day delivery?  

Here are the benefits of same day shipping.   

  • Lowers your shipping costs   
  • Allows your business to gain more customers   
  • Allows your business to gain a competitive advantage   
  • Increases your margins   
  • Results in exceptional services to your customers   
  • Increases your business opportunity   
  • Lowers your business inventory costs  

Logistics Behind Same Day Delivery

Same day shipping is extremely valuable not only to the online retailer but to the shoppers too. In countless surveys, customers have confirmed that they are ready to pay extra for same day shipping. Problem is, not many people are aware of what goes on behind the scenes.  

Read on and learn about same day logistics.  

Order Confirmation  

Order confirmation is a very important part of the customer – business relationship. Not only is it a great opportunity for the business to build a great rapport with customers. But it’s an opportunity to inform customers about their orders.  

Here is how same day shipping fits with order confirmation. Let’s assume the customer started shopping between 10 AM and 12 PM. He or she adds all items eligible for same day shipping in the cart.  

She starts the checkout process and before confirming the order, she checks the same day option. Once she completes checkout, there are different processes that happen behind the scene.  

For starters, the customer has to make the payment. The system deducts the funds from the payment system – credit card, debit card, PayPal or Skrill. Second, the system carries out a fraud check.  

If the order passes the fraud check, it is normally sent to the warehouse. An order confirmation email is then sent to the customer’s inbox.  

Here are the details included in the email:   

  • Order number   
  • Products bought and quantity   
  • Price   
  • Billing and shipping address   
  • Payment methods   
  • Shipping method and cost   
  • Estimated delivery time  

The email also includes a tracking number which is useful in tracking the order in case there is an issue.  

Order Processing

Order processing has been part of the business for many years. As a business process, it’s associated with the picking, packing, and delivery of products to customers. As a key to order fulfillment, order processing occurs in distribution centers.  

The one thing that you need to know is that several factors determine the processes in a distribution center. These factors include:   

  • Nature of the product 
  • Packaging  
  • Shipping costs  
  • Workforce productivity  

When it comes to the product, shipping perishable goods require a different process compared to shipping clothes. For packaging, there are different systems, for instance, envelopes, totes, cases, and pallets. This is a critical factor in order processing and same day shipping. 

In the case of costs, same day costs are higher than normal delivery. Finally, we have workforce productivity. If the distribution center relies on a manual method, processing takes longer. This is in comparison to automated processing.

In the distribution center, processing of all orders occurs as well as the allocation of inventory. A packing slip is normally printed before the order gets packed and ready for picking by the courier service.   

If you made your order at 12 PM, order processing could be complete by 2 PM or 4 PM. This largely depends on the factors listed earlier as well as the volume of other orders.  

Package Sorting and Delivery to Your Doorstep  

The courier picks the order from the distribution center and delivers to the local sorting center. At the sorting center, the package gets scanned and its inducted into the courier’s system. 

Let’s assume the process takes an hour taking into account the volume of orders the courier has to deal with. It’s now 5 PM and the truck departs from the local sorting facility to another sorting facility. An hour or so has gone by and now it’s around 6 PM or 7 PM.   

After sorting at the second facility, the package leaves and passes through the national network. Since your package is under the 1-day transit order, it arrives at the destination hub. Here sorting, scanning, and loading to the local delivery truck occurs.  

Assuming your 1-day transit order took 3 hours to reach the local destination hub. Your delivery will arrive at your home at 7 AM or 8 AM the next day.  

Saving Time with Same Day Delivery  

Same day delivery not only saves time for the shopper and the business but it’s convenient too. For instance, the same day option can help to ensure a life-saving drug arrives at its destination to save the patient’s life.

It can also help to ensure that an urgent document arrives at its destination within the same day. That is not all. Same day option can be useful in delivering perishable products such as flowers. 

While it sounds complex and companies have to overcome challenges, it propels them to act smart. 

Are you a small business owner in search of a professional courier service that can accommodate your needs? We at ASAP Courier can help. Contact us today and have your packages delivered on time.

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