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How to Package and Send Carbonated Beverages in the Mail

April 16, 2019 Courier

When carbonated drinks are shaken, the carbon at the top of the bottle or can moves into the liquid as gas bubbles.

These bubbles might not necessarily be visible to the eye. But, when the bottle or can opens these large bubbles quickly rise to the top of the surface and explode.

Shipping carbonated beverages is possible. But it requires care and due diligence. Read on to learn exactly what to do to ensure that your carbonated drinks arrive at their destination without problems. 

Risks of Shipping Carbonated Beverages 

An explosion is one of the biggest dangers of shipping carbonated drinks. Another risk with glass bottles is breakage. 

Sending packages by freight shipment means that your packages will be tossed, moved, stacked and driven or flown to your destination. It’s likely that your box will be shaken in the process.

Yet, you can ship carbonated drinks if you properly prepare your shipment. 

Create a Double Seal

Most carbonated sodas come with a double seal around the lid. This could be an extra layer of plastic around the lid or a peel-off material on top of the lid.

When you have a double seal, you have extra protection against the lid becoming loose or open during shipping.

If your carbonated drinks don’t have an extra seal, you should create your own. You can stick a length of strong tape around the lid. 

Preventing your lid from coming loose during shipping is the first step to avoiding exploding carbonated beverages.

Ship Carbonated Beverages in a Waterproof Bag

The next way you can prevent your customers from getting wet and damaged parcels is to place each bottle or can inside a waterproof bag.

Your carbonated beverage must be able to fit completely inside the bag and close tightly. Gallon size Ziploc freezer bags are great for this purpose. 

Remove as much excess air as you can. Then make sure that the bag is completely closed. 

Next, place your bagged bottle inside another waterproof bag. This is the best way to prevent leaks from damaging the box and other items in the shipment.

Finally, twist the ends of both bags together and fold the tips down. Use a rubber band or packaging tape to secure the bags tight.

Fill Your Box with Packing Material

Once your carbonated beverages are ready to be packaged, you’ll need to prepare your box.

You should use the smallest sized box that can fit your items. This prevents them from rolling around too much during transport.

Start by layering the bottom of the box with packaging materials like foam peanuts or bubble wrap. It’s a good idea to save bubble wrap, mailer bags and foam peanuts that you get in the mail. That way you save money on buying packaging materials. And it’s better for the environment.

Once the bottom of the box is cushioned, place your products in. Fill it to the top with more packaging materials. 

Label Your Box

Before you send your package out for delivery, mark each side of the box with the words fragile or liquid.

That way the people who come in contact with your package are more likely to handle it with care.

Bottom Line

Thanks for reading. Now you know how to ship carbonated beverages safely.

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