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From labs to medical centers, logistics is a crucial part of the business. Speed and efficiency are key in the medical world, especially when delivery can be life or death. Healthcare is a growing industry; the fast and safe transfer of medical equipment and lab samples can make an impact. If you’re trying to increase the […]


Final Mile

We bet you can’t wait to get those custom-made boots you ordered a few days ago! Your package should be easy to track if the company delivering it posts that information online. But why does the tracking seem to just drop out of sight when the package arrives in your city (but not yet at your […]


same day logistics

While modern tracking and delivery systems are able to keep on top of packages and keep them from getting stolen, theft still happens. The best way to ensure that a package gets where you need it to go is to use a courier service. If you’re thinking of very few examples of courier services you […]


Couriersame day logistics

During the early years of the Internet, a few companies tried to offer same day delivery. While it was a great idea, the companies were not successful. The reason for this was that the demand was deficient.   Thanks to improved technology, same day shipping is in high demand. In fact, 65% of retailers offer same day delivery […]



With Amazon and Uber on the scene, people have gotten used to on-demand delivery service. And they just love the convenience of it. The restaurant business is one industry where on-demand delivery has taken off. It’s gotten so popular that delivery/digital sales in the coming five years are expected to hit 25 percent, or $200 billion, of an $800 […]



If you run a business that sells products and merchandise, you need to deliver your items to customers on a regular basis. Customers need to be able to trust that you can ship their purchases to them safely and on time, too.  In other words, you need to be able to trust whatever method of […]



It’s time you got the mailing service you always wanted.  The local courier service industry has leveled up to over 100 billion in the last few years, partially due to one simple fact:  standard mail is starting to slow everyone down.  If you’re someone who takes pride in your city and doesn’t want to wait days, even […]



Did you know the United States Postal Service delivered more than 150 billion packages and documents last year? And that is just one of the many popular shipping companies.If you have ever tried to ship a package of your own, you know how important it is to ensure the box is taped up well so it won’t […]



When carbonated drinks are shaken, the carbon at the top of the bottle or can moves into the liquid as gas bubbles. These bubbles might not necessarily be visible to the eye. But, when the bottle or can opens these large bubbles quickly rise to the top of the surface and explode. Shipping carbonated beverages is possible. […]



Given that nearly 70% of all Americans take some kind of prescription drug, there need to be enough people out there delivering those drugs. Even if you just need to have records taken across town or down to another office for some digital record transferring, the right courier is vital. When seeking a medical courier service, you […]