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In 1910, the first air cargo flight took off. Today the air freight industry transports an average of 51.2 million tonnes. 

That’s the equivalent of 80,000 Antonov AN-aircraft. 

While that’s impressive, so are some of the myths surrounding the air freight industry. Unfortunately, they can lead people to make bad shipping decisions. 

For those hesitant to use air freight shipping for their business needs, it’s time to learn the facts. We want to help. 

Keep reading as we debunk the five most common air freight shipping myths. 

1. Air Freight Shipping is the Only Option to Meet Deadlines

Typically, shipping cargo by air is the fastest option. But all sorts of factors can cause a delay such as inclement weather. 

If the airport shuts down for any reason, that shipment doesn’t get transported anywhere. While shipments by truck can also experience delays due to poor weather, ground delays are often shorter than air delays. 

2. Anything Can Be Shipped By Air

Freight shipping isn’t for anything and everything. The size of the plane dictates the weight and size requirements allowed on board. 

Some items may be too large and/or too heavy to ship by air. Other items are prohibited from being transported by air for safety reasons. This includes items such as gases, toxins, biochemicals, and explosives. 

3. Items Shipped by Air Won’t Be Opened

Air travel rules and regulations are generally the same whether they’re flying cargo or passengers. Especially when it comes to air safety. 

All bags and packages are subject to being selected at random by security for inspection. Make it easy on and assume all cargo will be inspected. 

Ask the air freight carrier to provide proper packaging to ensure all items are replaced safely if handled by security. 

4. Valuable Items Should Only Be Shipped by Air

There’s some truth to this statement. Shipping valuable items by air may sometimes be safer due to the high-security levels at airports. 

What makes it a myth is that it’s not the shipping method that’s the problem. The issue lies with the issuance of insurance. 

It’s easiest to work with a company offering coverage policies that provide insurance for all items shipped. 

5. Heavier Items Are More Expensive to Ship

While this makes some logical sense, when it comes to freight shipping, space is more important than weight. A larger box takes up more space than a smaller one, regardless of weight. 

To save some hassle, pack items in the smallest packaging possible. 

A Few Truths About Air Freight Shipping

Costs are always at the forefront of any business consideration. It’s also an area where it’s a good idea to get the facts before making any business decisions. 

Shipment Costs

It’s often thought that ground services are more economical than air. But that’s not always true. 

How far the shipment needs to travel impacts both transit time and cost, especially when comparing ground to air services. Planes can travel across the country in less than a day. 

To ship by air also uses less human-powered resources. Trucks take at least two or more days to travel across the country. 

Shipping by truck long distances also requires more workers to get the job done. These factors can easily lead to overall shipping costs than air. 

Handling Unavoidable Obstacles

Shipment costs depend on the origin and destination of the shipment, especially for expedited items. 

Trucks hit delays caused by traffic, road closures, and weather. While planes can also be delayed, for long-distance shipments, airports deal with fewer risks that can cause delays. 

Inventory Carrying Costs

How long a shipment spends in transit affects finances and production for both the customer and the supplier. A delayed shipment can delay a customer’s production until parts arrive. 

Expedited air services cut down on those delays drastically, especially when items are shipped long distances. 

Few businesses can financially withstand waiting two days for trucks to haul their product across the country these days. 

How to Choose an Air Freight Company

A good airfreight company will offer a variety of other services to help ensure all products are always in excellent condition and always exactly where they should be. They do this by offering the following services.

Air Freight Services

Airfreight services include same-day delivery to anywhere within the United States. The right air freight company even offers to pick up the package. 

Good air freight companies have daily shipping services to all Latin American and major South American cities. They should also offer time-specific for both pick-ups and deliveries. 

Freight Services

Pick a company that offers both light and heavy trucking services to their customers. Rush and pre-scheduled deliveries should also be included in this service. 

They should also offer late night and holiday deliveries at any time of day and any day of the year. If needed, look for a company that offers line hauling from pickup locations to airports for items heading to overseas destinations. 

For smaller businesses, find a freight company willing to handle shipments even if there’s less than a truckload (LTL). 

International Shipping

When shipping internationally, there are tariffs, taxes, duties, and customs to contend with. A good air freight company helps with customs clearance.

The right air freight company offers inland logistics when shipping overseas. Warehousing space options should also be available to keep products protected from thieves and weather conditions. 

Offering freight forwarding services helps ensure all items are exactly where they should be, no matter what. 

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For companies shipping items long distances, air freight is usually the most economical and reliable option. This is only the case if the right shipping company is chosen.

We can help. We’re committed to offering a wide variety of world-class services designed to meet all of our customer’s needs. 

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