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The Benefits of Same-Day Medical Courier Services

January 20, 2020 CourierFinal Milesame day logistics

From labs to medical centers, logistics is a crucial part of the business. Speed and efficiency are key in the medical world, especially when delivery can be life or death.

Healthcare is a growing industry; the fast and safe transfer of medical equipment and lab samples can make an impact.

If you’re trying to increase the efficiency of your medical facilities, the best way is through a medical courier. With same-day medical couriers, you can do more with less.

How can these third-party logistics (3PL) providers improve your operations? Today, we’ll talk about how you can benefit from hiring medical couriers.

1. Less Financial Investment for Your Business

On its own, a medical office or medical supplier business is not efficient if it uses its own driver. Paying for your own driver is a waste of investment since you need to answer different logistical issues. 

Paying the potential hire a proper salary with insurance. Buying transportation and equipment. This will be a hefty investment that will cost you money.

This money is better spent improving your product or scaling your business volume up. This is why a medical courier service is the best pick for your business. They can handle all the details of your deliveries for you and your only concern is when it comes.

Because of same-day delivery, expect your customers to get medical materials ASAP. You’re not wasting financial resources on paying employee insurance. You’re not adding unnecessary stress to your service teams.

2. Adds Delivery Convenience

Same-day medical delivery services offer your business additional levels of convenience to the customer. For businesses, the last thing you want is having medical service lag behind.

With same-day delivery, you give clients a level of health options previously unavailable. If you’re a pharmacy, you can use medical couriers to deliver life-saving medication. If you’re a medical supply service, your customers can take advantage of what you can offer in saving them.

Same-day service gives people more incentive to pick your business over others. With a promise of quick delivery, you can get better, faster results every time.

3. Lower Chances of Damage

When sending a crucial package like pharmaceuticals, the issue is fragility. Many materials in labs or medical systems break easily. Test tubes and even culture samples for medical processes need experienced people with their own deliveries.

Hiring a medical courier service can offer you professional handling capabilities. Professionals can handle fragile objects with ease, as they’ll have the right facilities to do so. 

Having a package spend less time in transit equates to lower chances of damage. For same-day deliveries, the items will go into pickup and delivery by the same person. It won’t pass through different storage areas like other long-term solutions.

Lower chances of damage mean more profit for your business.

4. Less Change of Hands

One of the pitfalls of medical delivery and courier services for some is the changing of hands. Sometimes, the company that picks up the delivery will not be the same one that delivers it. This is a common way in the 3PL provider business to save costs.

Every time this happens, the product will undergo scanning and checking in at a warehouse. This eats up your customer lead time and can even produce delays in some areas. This never happens to same-day medical couriers.

As we said, same-day medical delivery services will have the same person do pickup and delivery. There’s no need to do transfers, input it into new tracking, and there’s also no new inventory intake. This results in better lead time with potential buyers and customers.

5. Specialized Expertise

Many courier services are expanding faster and faster these days, both in delivery volume and size. Many will have their training focus only on speed or on general details of parcel delivery. This can result in bad handling of medical materials or samples that can compromise data. 

This is not the case with a dedicated medical delivery service. With medical couriers, they have the right understanding of proper medical package handling. The products are not only in safe hands, but they’ll reach the destination in superior condition.

It’s always necessary to make sure the package comes in a state of usability. The last thing anyone wants is equipment or materials that are intact but unusable. From pharmaceutical products to even sterilized medical supplies, these will have superior care.

Not all parcels are of equal importance. Some will need special treatment to reach their destinations safe and sound. There’s nobody more qualified to do that than medical couriers.

6. Better Customer Satisfaction

For deliveries, customers want two things. They want to get their parcels as fast as possible and they want to get it in the best condition. For medical customers, getting medical materials and supplies as early as possible is vital.

Instead of getting their medical supplies another day, receiving them early gives them more time to plan distribution. It lets customers do tasks earlier to clear up more of their schedule. Same-day delivery can give medical facilities a good way to prepare for their week.

All this results in superior customer satisfaction. People who can get their products not only on time but also earlier can have more options to do with their material.

Get a Medical Courier Service Today

If you’re considering if you need a medical courier, there are many benefits to the service. The speed and care of a specialized courier service can ensure your products arrive safely and soundly.

Looking for a courier service that works? Need a team of experts that can answer your logistics needs? Then you need ASAP Courier.

ASAP Courier provides different logistical solutions for every need. From same-day medical deliveries to warehouse outsourcing, we can do it for you.

Talk to SOS Logistics today. Get the best courier services and gain more profit and production.

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