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What Are the Logistics Behind Same Day Delivery?

July 17, 2019 Couriersame day logistics

During the early years of the Internet, a few companies tried to offer same day delivery. While it was a great idea, the companies were not successful. The reason for this was that the demand was deficient.  

Thanks to improved technology, same day shipping is in high demand. In fact, 65% of retailers offer same day delivery as of 2019. By offering same day shipping, 49% of shoppers are likely to buy from your online store.  

Want to know more about same day delivery logistics?  

Keep reading!  

What Is Same Day Delivery?  

This refers to a shipping model where a customer orders an item that qualifies for same day shipping at 9 AM and it arrives on the same day. Simply put, a professional courier ships the product to the customer’s doorstep in less than 24 hours. On holidays such as Thanksgiving, same day delivery is normally limited.  

How Does Same Day Delivery Work?  

When shopping, customers should look for products that qualify for same day shipping. Add the products to the shopping cart and check same day delivery on checkout. After receiving the order confirmation email, customers should wait for the products to arrive at the doorstep.  

Benefits of Same Day Delivery  

Over 19% of buyers have confirmed that same day shipping is important. Four percent of shoppers say that they cannot buy an item where same day shipping is not offered. What this tells you is that shoppers understand how beneficial same day shipping is.  

Want to know the benefits of same-day delivery?  

Here are the benefits of same day shipping.   

  • Lowers your shipping costs   
  • Allows your business to gain more customers   
  • Allows your business to gain a competitive advantage   
  • Increases your margins   
  • Results in exceptional services to your customers   
  • Increases your business opportunity   
  • Lowers your business inventory costs  

Logistics Behind Same Day Delivery

Same day shipping is extremely valuable not only to the online retailer but to the shoppers too. In countless surveys, customers have confirmed that they are ready to pay extra for same day shipping. Problem is, not many people are aware of what goes on behind the scenes.  

Read on and learn about same day logistics.  

Order Confirmation  

Order confirmation is a very important part of the customer – business relationship. Not only is it a great opportunity for the business to build a great rapport with customers. But it’s an opportunity to inform customers about their orders.  

Here is how same day shipping fits with order confirmation. Let’s assume the customer started shopping between 10 AM and 12 PM. He or she adds all items eligible for same day shipping in the cart.  

She starts the checkout process and before confirming the order, she checks the same day option. Once she completes checkout, there are different processes that happen behind the scene.  

For starters, the customer has to make the payment. The system deducts the funds from the payment system – credit card, debit card, PayPal or Skrill. Second, the system carries out a fraud check.  

If the order passes the fraud check, it is normally sent to the warehouse. An order confirmation email is then sent to the customer’s inbox.  

Here are the details included in the email:   

  • Order number   
  • Products bought and quantity   
  • Price   
  • Billing and shipping address   
  • Payment methods   
  • Shipping method and cost   
  • Estimated delivery time  

The email also includes a tracking number which is useful in tracking the order in case there is an issue.  

Order Processing

Order processing has been part of the business for many years. As a business process, it’s associated with the picking, packing, and delivery of products to customers. As a key to order fulfillment, order processing occurs in distribution centers.  

The one thing that you need to know is that several factors determine the processes in a distribution center. These factors include:   

  • Nature of the product 
  • Packaging  
  • Shipping costs  
  • Workforce productivity  

When it comes to the product, shipping perishable goods require a different process compared to shipping clothes. For packaging, there are different systems, for instance, envelopes, totes, cases, and pallets. This is a critical factor in order processing and same day shipping. 

In the case of costs, same day costs are higher than normal delivery. Finally, we have workforce productivity. If the distribution center relies on a manual method, processing takes longer. This is in comparison to automated processing.

In the distribution center, processing of all orders occurs as well as the allocation of inventory. A packing slip is normally printed before the order gets packed and ready for picking by the courier service.   

If you made your order at 12 PM, order processing could be complete by 2 PM or 4 PM. This largely depends on the factors listed earlier as well as the volume of other orders.  

Package Sorting and Delivery to Your Doorstep  

The courier picks the order from the distribution center and delivers to the local sorting center. At the sorting center, the package gets scanned and its inducted into the courier’s system. 

Let’s assume the process takes an hour taking into account the volume of orders the courier has to deal with. It’s now 5 PM and the truck departs from the local sorting facility to another sorting facility. An hour or so has gone by and now it’s around 6 PM or 7 PM.   

After sorting at the second facility, the package leaves and passes through the national network. Since your package is under the 1-day transit order, it arrives at the destination hub. Here sorting, scanning, and loading to the local delivery truck occurs.  

Assuming your 1-day transit order took 3 hours to reach the local destination hub. Your delivery will arrive at your home at 7 AM or 8 AM the next day.  

Saving Time with Same Day Delivery  

Same day delivery not only saves time for the shopper and the business but it’s convenient too. For instance, the same day option can help to ensure a life-saving drug arrives at its destination to save the patient’s life.

It can also help to ensure that an urgent document arrives at its destination within the same day. That is not all. Same day option can be useful in delivering perishable products such as flowers. 

While it sounds complex and companies have to overcome challenges, it propels them to act smart. 

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